Pet Store Puppies

Cotons against puppy millsThose darling little puppies in the pet stores come from puppy mills. Pet store pups could have health issues that can inflict a lot of pain and suffering, and will most likely cost you thousands of dollars throughout their lifetime.

These dogs do not get to play and most of the time their feet never touch the ground. They are housed in cages with wire flooring, which sometimes causes injuries to their feet and legs. Before you buy from a pet store, please visit our puppy mill page. You can also help by never buying any pet supplies in pet stores that sell puppies. Take a stand. It is not OK for them to sell puppies!

The pet store employee will tell you that all of their puppies only come of USDA licensed breeders. That shouldn't make you feel a whole lot better because their standards of care are, at the very least, inhumane. The USDA has no problem with dogs spending their entire lives in cages that are, at most, only 6 inches longer than the dog. USDA licensed breeders are allowed to stack cages one on top of the other where one dog can defecate on the dog below it. The USDA thinks it's OK to breed a female dog on every heat cycle.

Save a dog's life, and never purchase a puppy from a pet store. When you do, you are only adding to the pain and suffering of these innocent creatures. Seek out a responsible breeder, or rescue a dog in a shelter. Please help make a difference.

Cotons Against Puppy Mills