Responsible Breeders vs. Backyard Breeders

Responsible Breeders

Is passionate and dedicated to producing quality dogs who meet the breed standard. Invests so heavily in the dogs that there is a struggle to simply break even, and not for profit. Will sell pups only to approved buyers

Has an involvement in the Dog Fancy and gives back to the dog world. Attends shows, does agility, therapy, obedience, etc. . Serves in a club that furthers the interests of the breed

Is highly interested in genetics and will explain the research behind the breed process. Knows how to explain the various approaches to breeding e.g. outcrossing and line breeding.

Does appropriate genetic testing for the breed and will make that proof available to you. Never  breeds animals who are both carriers of known genetic defects.

Researches puppies  ancestry for health and temperament issues.

Breeds only dogs who have reached full maturity , and a limited number of times.

Breeds dogs who display happy, stable temperaments.

Feeds only high quality, premium brands of dog food to parents and puppies.

Raises puppies in the heart of the home.

Keeps pups with mom and litter a minimum of 8 weeks  to ensure sibling socialization and important lessons from pups' mother.

Socializes pups in every way possible stimulating them to be aware of the noises and the company of adults and children.

Puppies are sold with health guarantees… Puppies are sold with contracts.

Requires buyers to spay/neuter pet-quality pups.

Will show you pups' parents if available, or if not, will have pictures.

Never sells to "impulse" buyers . Wants to meet whole family; won't sell if children are abusive.

Communicates with buyers to determine the needs that best suit their family and way of life.

Tests pups to match their temperaments and energy levels with buyers' personalities and lifestyles.

Will happily take a puppy back if for whatever, that placement doesn’t work out.

Commits to help you throughout the early training and adjustment stages of your puppy & makes a lifetime commitment to be of assistance.


Backyard Breeders

Breeds to make money or to show the kids what its like to see their pet dog have puppies. Does not screen buyers and seldom refuses to sell to anyone, as long as they have the money.

Only owns pet dogs. Does not “give back” in any way, showing absolutely no interest in the breed.

Shows no concern for genetics, bloodlines, or breed improvement. Breeds to whatever dog is available where stud service is cheap or free.

Does no genetic testing; ignorantly breeds defective dogs or carriers of a disease or disorder thereby  perpetuating disease in breed.

Knows nothing about the other dogs on puppies' pedigrees.

Breeds dogs at almost any age, and any number of times

Will breed whatever they own with no regard to temperament.

Feeds cheap, grocery store dog food that contains fillers and chemicals.

Raises puppies outdoors or in the basement or other isolated areas of the home.

Has no concern about the value of behavior lessons learned from litter mates and mother.

Can’t be bothered with any kind of training, because they don’t care what happens to the puppies after they are sold.

Offers no health guarantee or contract and has no concern what you do with your dog after the sale.

Encourages buyers to breed, regardless of quality.

You may never see the parents at all and pictures may be of unrelated dogs.

Is not concerned about buyers being prepared for pups .Does not consider anything past obtaining the money.

Has no idea of how you  live …nor cares will just say “take any puppy you like.”

Allows you to point and pick the puppy you think is the cutest, regardless of how it will fit into your lifestyle.

Tells you that “It’s your dog now.” Go find them another home.

Says “good bye” and hopes they never hear from you again.



Cotons Against Puppy Mills